Private Label Skin Care

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Private label skin care refers to skin care products that are manufactured or offered by one company for sale under the brand name of another company. Thus the brand that is offering the product for sale is not the brand that is designing and manufacturing the product. Private label goods and services are also made available in industries such as food, electronics, and clothing.

Finding a Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer

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Finding the very best private label skin care manufacturer is perhaps the single most important decision you will make as you launch your personal care product brand. To assist you in this decision here are some things to consider.

First, remember that you are seeking a strategic partner that will be responsible for the manufacturing portion of your business. You are counting on them to manufacture a safe and effective product. Finding a credible manufacturer requires due diligence.

Lavender Essential Oil

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If you have a chance to visit a lavender farm like I have, take the time to sit and breathe and observe the magic of this amazing flower. The color alone will take your breath away and the aroma is fresh and floral, soothing and refreshing. You will notice a tremendous calm in your being and the sense that the stresses of your life are a mere memory. Lavender essential oil distills this experience and delivers it at your fingertips any time you want.

Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot essential oil is a very popular oil but many people do not know the source of bergamot or its therapeutic benefits. 

The name bergamot is derived from the name citrus bergamia, which is a fruit-bearing tree. The tree is primarily cultivated for this fruit in the Italian province Reggio di Calabria and the city of Bergamo; thus the name. The fruit of this tree is less sour than lemon and more bitter than grapefruit and has been used for centuries in teas, as medicine to treat malaria, and as an essential oil.

How Much Essential Oil to Use

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essential oilEssential oils have been used for centuries by many nations and civilizations for treating common conditions of the body and mind. Extremely concentrated extracts of plants, essential oils have a variety of different uses, depending on the properties of the plant of origin. There are also a number of different methods of use for specific ailments and purposes. And each method requires a certain amount of essential oil.

Organic Essential Oils

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Essential oils are concentrated oils extracted from plants, flowers, and trees. Like all crops, they can either be organic (raised naturally without chemicals) or nonorganic (with pesticides and other chemicals used in growth and harvesting). As essential oils are an agricultural product, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates essential oils that are declared organic. Facilities can be certified by government regulation with inspection and follow-up. Thus, true organic essential oils will be labeled as certified organic.

Making Essential Oils at Home

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Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils taken mainly from aromatic plants. From ancient times through today, these oils have been used for their various physical and emotional benefits as they range from uses in treating bacterial, fungal, and viral infections to soothing anxiety and alleviating depression. There are over 700 plant sources for essential oils. The making of essential oils is a delicate process, but can be done even at home with the right equipment.

How Essential Oils are Extracted

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Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils. Most essential oils are extracted through a distilling process, a process involving steaming the plants to release their oils. The steam takes the essential oil with it into a condenser, which cools the steam. As the steam cools, the oil floats to the top of the remaining water. The leftover water still contains some of the plant chemistry and is often called floral water (or hydrosol), used for its own purposes. This method has been used for centuries.

Treating Adult Acne with Essential Oils

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Are you tired of using teenage acne remedies for your mature skin? Are you frustrated with the drying and peeling caused by benzoyl peroxide? Perhaps youve noticed that these types of treatments contribute to wrinkle development. And maybe you are just sick of acne altogether. There may be a better solution, but first it is important to understand the sources of adult acne.

Essential Oil Blends for Balding

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Hair loss is a concern for both men and women. Some essential oils have properties reported to benefit those suffering from balding or thinning hair.

Hair loss can be caused by inflammation of the scalp. German chamomile (diluted to 1%) can cool the scalp and reduce inflammation. Lavender can do the same, but also adds antibacterial and regenerative properties (3% dilution). Helichrysum can be used at .5-2% to reduce inflammation and aid in cellular regeneration. Sea Buckhorn is bright red (be forewarned!) but helps in nourishing the scalp, reducing inflammation, and regenerating cell growth. Use at .5-2%

Essential Oils for Romance

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romanceIn addition to their health benefits, essential oils have been used for soothing anxiety, uplifting low spirits, creating a pleasant environment in the home or at work, and yes, as aphrodisiacs. For centuries, certain essential oils have been used by couples to enhance or prepare for intimacy.

Essential Oils for Shingles

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essential oilsThe varicella zoster virus is the cause of shingles, a painful skin condition lasting 2-3 weeks or even longer. Shingles causes blisters, inflammation, and pustules that often appear in band-like patterns on the chest, back, abdomen, and occasionally the face. The can create scars and in some cases nerve damage. Shingles is caused by the same virus as chickenpox and cold sores.