What’s the Difference Between A Fine Line and A Wrinkle?

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/28/2016 to Skin Care
How do you really make the distinction between a fine line and a wrinkle? When does a fine line stop being so fine? And can a fine line turn into a wrinkle? These are the kinds of questions skincare nerds ask themselves, and we say you deserve to know the answers! While at some level the fine print of wrinkles vs. fine lines doesn’t totally matter as long as you take consistent and thoughtful care of your skin, it’s still nice to know the difference. Plus, knowledge such as this can empower you to further specialize your private label skincare offerings and personal product choices to target exactly what you want.

Three Back Bar Essentials For Your Spa

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/25/2016 to Skin Care
When a customer comes into a spa, they are looking to relax. They want to unwind, get cared for and feel beautiful. They want to scrub, massage and steam away the week they've had and walk out feeling renewed, fed, relaxed and taken care of. As an esthetician, spa owner or massage therapist, in order to make sure you meet these desires you have to have the best back bar products ready to go. It's not enough to give a great massage if you're using sticky lotion or rancid oils. It's not enough to give a good facial if the products are greasy, smell strange or don't help your client's skin. And it's not enough to know how to facilitate a great body treatment if the scrub is too abrasive or the essential oils are too strong. Here are three basic yet essential back bar products to ensure your spa treatments fit the bill, every single time.

The Five Best Ingredients For Hair Masks

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/22/2016 to Hair Care
Hair masks are so fun. They’re a great way to spend a night at home, or as a do ahead treatment before a special event when you want your hair to really shine. You can buy many good ones that have been pre-made for you, or you can make your own in the comfort of your own home. Many times not only is this a more fun and creative way to do a hair mask, but it actually can turn out to be cheaper, too. While there are no rules for making a hair mask and plenty of good private label skincare ingredients to choose from, here are five of what we consider to be the best ingredients for making a hair mask:

The Benefits of Hydrosols

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/19/2016 to Skin Care
You may have looked at an ingredient label on one of your private label skincare products and seen the word “hydrosol” and wondered, what exactly is that? Well, a hydrosol is like a botanical water. You can think of it like an essential oil, but water based because that’s basically what it is! Hydrosols are what’s left over from the essential oil making process. They contain a lot of the same plant compounds as an essential oil but in a much less concentrated form. This makes them ideal for those who have sensitive skin and for using as a base for private label skincare products. After all, why use plain water when you can use botanically active flower water instead?

DIY Coconut Oil, Essential Oil and Charcoal Toothpaste

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/16/2016 to Health
Of all the different DIY projects out there, making your own toothpaste is one of the most fun. It’s versatile, there’s plenty of room for error, and you have so many options to make it tailored specifically for your needs and taste. This particular recipe has fast become a favorite. It whitens better than any other toothpaste we’ve used, helps support happy gums and lasts a long time.

Flaky Scalp Fixes

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/13/2016 to Hair Care
Dealing with a flaking, itching scalp instantly turns what could have been a good hair day into a crappy hair day. Who wants to rain down snowflakes whenever they scratch or shake their head? And wearing black? Forget it. While it can feel frustrating and like you’re constantly searching for a solution, there are some simple things you can do right now to try and minimize the itching and flaking on your scalp. Everyone is different and as a result what works for you might not work for someone else. Sometimes the problem comes from an internal issue, and other times it’s as simple as what you do, or don’t, put onto your head.

How To Know And What To Do If Your Skin Is Too Oily

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/10/2016 to Skin Care
Oily skin is actually a blessing in disguise. I know, that doesn’t sound right, but it’s true! Oily skin will actually age better than dry skin. But what about SUPER oily skin? The kind that requires a good wipe down by early afternoon every day? The kind that always glistens and shines in photos and sun no matter what you seem to do to it? What’s up with skin like this? Well, turns out that overly oily skin is a lot easier to fix than you might have thought. What it comes down to, like virtually everything else, is balance.

MSM: The Private Label Skincare Staple

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 9/7/2016 to Private Label Skin Care
There is most definitely a group of private label skincare staples that deliver time and time again, no matter what. These are the ingredients that you will find occurring over and over again in ingredient decks because of their essential nature. Some of them are superstars at keeping formulas properly blended, others are expert natural preservatives, and others still show up time and again because your skin loves them so much. MSM is one of those ingredients. Your skin loves MSM, and MSM loves your skin. The two love each other so much, in fact, that MSM occurs naturally in the very structure of your skin.