Uses of Oils

When you think of oils, generally the first thoughts are geared toward automotive or cooking.  Granted that cooking oils make wonderful results that can be tasteful and decorative, but oils are so much more.  Oils can be used for anointing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The uses of oils are documented all the way back to biblical times and used with the Egyptians.

This is a subject that individuals who love organic products just love.  There are more organic essential oils than just olive oil.  The Egyptians used organic essential oils such as frankincense and myrrh.  Both of these organic essential oils protected the people from infections.  Frankincense specifically protected the eyes while myrrh made the skin soft and supple.

There are several uses for oils physically.  This is when physical therapy comes in mind.  Oils were and still used to relieve mild things like headaches, coughs, and sore muscles. But things as severe as wounds, broken bones, pneumonia, and bronchitis were healed through anointing of oils.

Most people think that the anointing of oil is only used when re-birthing spiritually.  Anointing oil can also be to rub or stroke with oil the area that is out of balance, in pain, wounded, or inflamed.  Anointing oil was also a term that referred to a concoction that was drank in order to deeply get to the pain or wound.

Using oils for pain is an ancient practice.  Priests or healers knew and understood the effects of the oils and used them.  They also kept documents of which oils were best for certain injuries or sicknesses.

The Egyptians also kept documents. Where as the Priests or healers kept documents like prescriptions, Egyptians kept recipes of the uses of oils.  The Egyptians kept hundreds of recipes and antidotes for concoctions that were used to heal physical ailments.

As mentioned earlier oils can be used for anointing ones self emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Since emotions, mentality, and spirituality are not tangible objects, anointing is done through things such as incense.  This allows the oil to reach the aura or energy field of individuals and bring them back into harmony or community.

Oils are so much more than lubricants in automobiles or an ingredient in the kitchen.  They can be used to heal ones self physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  This belief has been passed down and documented through time.  Next time you need a little pick-me-up, use the Egyptians way and anoint yourself through varies oils.

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