Candle Making Supplies

Before you buy your candle making supplies, you will need to decide which type of candle you would like to make. There are container candles (a popular first choice), pillar candles, votives, floater candles, beeswax candles, gel candles, and soy candles. You will need different supplies for each. The suggestions below can get you started, but you can add to or adjust some of the listed items to your preference.

For container candles, you should buy about 5 lbs. of container candle wax, 6 fragrances (if you want each candle to smell different), 3 hexagon jars (9oz), 3 apothecary jars (10oz), at least 10 6 wicks, and 6 color chips of your choice. These quantities are for 6 candles; adjust the quantities as needed for the amount of candles you are making. In order to properly melt the candle wax, you will need a melting pot and a candle making thermometer.

For making pillars, floaters, and votives, you will need 5 lbs. of candle wax made for stand-alone candles, mold-release spray, 5 or 6 color chips, molds, about 6 feet of flat braided wick, 1 oz. of Vybar, and 5 or more fragrances of your choice. Again, these quantities are for 6 candles; adjust as needed. You will also need a melting pot and a candle making thermometer.

Beeswax candles are the easiest to start with. You only need two materials: wicks and sheets of beeswax in the colors of your choice. You can do as few or as many as you like and they are quick and easy to do. Simply place the wick lengthwise along the end of one sheet of beeswax, pinch it into place, and carefully roll the wick end up the length of the sheet, making a candle. No cooking, coloring, or dyeing required.

For gel candles, start with a 23 oz jar of gel wax. Youll also need a melting pot, a candle making thermometer, and dye blocks meant for coloring gel candles (in oz blocks). You can buy decorating wax for molding into fun shapes to place in the gel, pre-made wax shapes, or any number of hard and non-flammable items such as sand, shells, beads, and charms for decorations.

Soy candles are great for clean-burning fun. To make 6 container candles, start with 4 lbs. of soy wax, 4-6 color chips, 3 hexagon jars (9oz), 3 apothecary jars (10oz), and 10 6 hemp cored wicks (since youre going with the natural theme). For tea-lights made with soy, buy 10 polycarbonate tea-light cups and 15 tea-light wicks. Also, you will need fragrances (4-5) and, of course, the melting pot and a candle making thermometer.

Have fun making candles!
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