Energize Yourself With Private Label Essential Oils

The dreaded mid-day slump- we ve all been there. Three o clock rolls around and the sudden and overpowering need to take a nap puts the breaks on all our unfinished projects and to-do list items. But instead of putting on another pot of coffee or chugging an energy drink, try this more natural and extremely effective alternative: essential oils. Not only do they smell divine and work like a charm, they also can be applied to your skin or simply sniffed for instant relief and a much needed boost to get through your day.

One of the best energizing private label essential oils is Lemon. It is simultaneously uplifting and calming, and does a wonderful job of providing an instant boost of energy to the body and brain. It is also an excellent essential oil to use if you need an increase in mental focus as well. Simply use it diluted on the skin, take a whiff from the bottle, or diffuse throughout your house for energy, upliftment and enhanced brain power.

Frankincense essential oil is another energizing essential oil that also adds a calmness to your being when used. It calms nervous tension, enhances mental concentration and encourages a light sense of euphoria. This is an especially wonderful private label oil to use when you are feeling low on emotional energy- not just physical. Use the same way you would Lemon, or blend the two together for advanced energizing action!

Private label Pink Grapefruit essential oil is a master at banishing mental and physical fatigue while providing a deep sense of mental clarity and inspiration. It is a great oil to use when some of your fatigue comes from depression as well since it works on both the mood and the body. A sweet calmness accompanies the energy provided by Pink Grapefruit, and its sweet citrus aroma pairs perfectly with other citrus oils such as Lemon. It would also blend just fine with Frankincense. 

If you are really wanting to kick fatigue s butt, make a DIY private label essential oil blend with all three, simply tailoring the blend to your personal smell preference. Carry it with you so that you always have a solution when fatigue, tiredness and even depression come knocking at your door. Ditch the energy drinks, extra coffee and other stimulants in favor of these simple, sweet smelling and natural energizing essential oils.

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