Fences for Fido

RainShadow Labs is dedicated to serving our community, people and animals alike. From intention to action, we support local causes and groups who are helping to build an uplifted society. RainShadow Labs is particularly invested in Fences for Fido, a 100% volunteer non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of dogs that live outdoors on chains or tethers in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

Fences for Fido builds fences for chained dogs, provides them with comforting necessities such as shelters and beds, offers veterinary care, and repairs the relationships between these dogs and their people. Many of the families Fences for Fido works with do not have the resources or do not know a better way to keep their dog other than on a chain. Fences for Fido works to educate these families on how to best care for their dogs and provides them with the amenities their dogs have been lacking.

These dogs go from being isolated and confined to having a fenced yard that both protects them from intruders and allows them to run and to play. They no longer are subjected to severe weather conditions and instead have a place to shelter them from the hot and cold months. If their owners decide that they no longer want their four-legged friend, Fences for Fido has a foster program to give these dogs a chance to know the warmth of a loving family. From chained to free, from cold to warm, from alone to loved, RainShadow Labs is committed to helping Fences for Fido work towards a safer, happier community with one fence, one family, one dog at a time.

To read more about the incredible accomplishments, goals, and strategies of Fences for Fido, go to www.fencesforfido.org. Through Fences For Fido, we are thrilled to support our community and planet and to provide our customers with one more reason to use RainShadow Labs as your wholesale skincare manufacturing facility.
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