Get Juicy and Vibrant with Wholesale Kiwi Hydrosol

Your skin is alive, and is constantly taking in and processing information. Your outside environment, the food you eat and of course the products you put onto your skin all provide it with information about how it should behave. The higher the integrity of the ingredients, the better your skin will perform. Rain Shadow Labs wholesale kiwi hydrosol is a simple and refreshing way to infuse your private label skin care with the information it needs to perform at it s best.

Kiwis provide the skin with gentle and thorough rejuvenation through antioxidant compounds like vitamins C and E. You can think of kiwi hydrosol as a collection of little antioxidant-filled dewdrops. Every drop contains a full information profile of the kiwifruit and the effect it will have on your skin. These effects include:

  • Increased collagen production

  • Plumped up wrinkles

  • Sun damage prevention

  • New skin cell production

  • Free radical neutralization

  • Calming to skin irritations

Each refreshing drop is a beauty-informed powerhouse and with enough use, you will be too! And because all of this information is in a hydrosol instead of an essential oil, it is gentle enough to include in wholesale cosmetics for young children and people with more sensitive immune systems. It is truly a perfect balance of gentle yet potent beautifying-action.

Enliven your private label ingredient decks with a base of intelligent and vitamin-infused kiwi hydrosol. Include it in your wholesale cosmetics purchases for use as a calming and regenerative toner, and spray on your linens for instant aromatherapy. When you choose to use natural ingredients, you infuse your physical being with the intelligence of nature. Invite the gentle, juicy and vibrant intelligence of kiwifruit to inform your being.

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