Give Germs the Boot with Our Botanical Waterless Cleanser

Activities like washing your hands, though mundane, are very important. Whether you have a sick child, are a doctor, or simply want to maintain good and healthy hygiene, hand washing is likely a daily habit for you. However, the unfortunate down side is that soap and hand sanitizers often leave our hands feeling dry and cracked, and don t necessarily deal with the advent of biologically resistant bacteria. So what s a concerned and responsible hygiene-friendly person to do? Not to worry- we ve got you covered.

With both of these concerns in mind, we studiously formulated our Botanical Waterless Cleanser to thoroughly and effectively disinfect your hands whenever you need with naturally antibacterial ingredients that don t create biologically resistant bacteria, and without drying out your skin. Carry it in your purse, keep it in your car, your bathroom and on your nightstand so clean and germ free hands are always available to you.

Colloidal Silver is the star ingredient in this effective private label skincare sanitizer. It gently and thoroughly sanitizes your hands for a germ free experience that doesn t burn, smell of alcohol, and won t dry your skin out. It is safe for use on small cuts and abrasions as well as an infection preventative, making this an extra easy and useful product to keep on your person throughout the day. It is especially helpful if you are trying to avoid getting sick, and our naturally scented version contains Kaffir Lime, Tea Tree and Black Spruce Essential Oils which aid it in this purpose.

In fact, Black Spruce essential oil is especially helpful for respiratory ailments, while Tea Tree is one of the most versatile and antibacterial essential oils you could find! Kaffir Lime leaf rounds out this tripod of private label essential oil goodness with its unique and refreshing mentally uplifting properties. But if you prefer to keep it simple and fragrance free, our unscented version will do everything you need it to.

You don t have to look for a sink with soap and water, or a hand sanitizer dispenser whenever you need some disinfecting action. Say goodbye to dry and cracked hands, strong chemical odors and alcohol based formulas. With our natural and extremely effective Botanical Waterless Cleanser, you can have the disinfection and protection you need, minus any of the typical drawbacks of regular hand sanitizers. Carry it with you so you re always ready, and you ll never have to worry again.
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