Glycolic Acid for Your Private Label Skincare Line

Maybe you ve already heard of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Perhaps you already know they re one of the best methods of exfoliation around, and pair perfectly with other fruit acids and AHA s of a similar nature. There s a chance you ve even heard of Glycolic acid, an AHA derived from sugarcane and one of the best and most gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids you could use. But whether or not you ve heard of this AHA before, read on for the hows, whats and whys of this dead skin dissolving extraordinaire.

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and works on the skin by dissolving the cellular glue that holds dead skin cells together. By dissolving this glue, the skin gets better exfoliating results than if simple manual exfoliation was used because more dead skin cells are eliminated from the surface of the face. Private label skincare products that include Glycolic acid are excellent for helping to reduce and even eliminate blackheads and fine lines, since both skin complaints are, at least in part, the result of a buildup of dead and dry skin.

Glycolic acid can be used as the star or accompanying ingredient in private label skincare products such as exfoliating masks, moisturizers, serums and even face cleansers. It can be used along with other AHA s or fruit enzymes, as well as as a way to enhance the efficacy of manual scrubs. And because Glycolic acid also helps to speed up cellular turnover as a result of its exfoliating prowess, it is an excellent ingredient to include in your private label skincare line up and personal care routine for collagen production.

As with all Alpha Hydroxy Acids, extra care must be taken when exposing your skin to the sun, since some sun sensitivity does result from regular use. Simply take care to not get burned and you should be fine. A good sunscreen is also a great idea to help with this. But not to worry, the anti aging results that come from regular Glycolic acid use greatly outweigh any potential for sun sensitivity. And because of how versatile it is, private label skincare products of all kinds can include it in their ingredient decks for enhanced collagen production, wrinkle reduction, and exfoliating power. Update your product lineup and personal skincare routine and add a dash of Glycolic to your private label skincare formulas.
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