Hazelnut Oil For Non-Greasy Moisture

One of the most popular concerns people have when it comes to the idea of putting oil on their faces is that they don t want it to clog their pores. They re afraid it will feel too oily and thick, and that they ll have to walk around with a shiny and oil-slicked face all day. And to these people we say: Hazelnut oil! That s right, for all of you carrier oil doubters, clogged pore fearing, oil cleansing virgins, what you need to do is try a bit of Hazelnut oil instead. Perfect used alone, or added into private label skincare formulations, Hazelnut oil is our new favorite thing.

Similar to Rosehip seed oil, Hazelnut oil is considered to be a dry oil because it soaks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy finish. It also has natural astringent properties that make it perfect for men and women alike; for men, use this wonderful oil as a natural aftershave, and for women, Hazelnut oil s astringent properties will only help to keep your skin looking tight and smooth. In fact, one of Hazelnut oil s nick-names is the pore-reducing oil because of how effective it is when used as an astringent. 

Private label skincare lovers take note! Toners, serums, and even masks and moisturizers with Hazelnut oil are sure to please your customers as they watch their pores shrink and skin appear to tighten and tone. Hazelnut oil is truly the ideal private label skincare carrier oil because it accomplishes so many things at once, while remaining gentle at the same time. Whether used in private label skincare, haircare, or slathered on the face and body alone Hazelnut oil is here to stay.
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