Holiday Candles at RainShadow Labs

It s that time of year now where we start paying more attention to the smells wafting through our homes, enjoying the soft glow of warm light in the evening, and thinking about meaningful gifts for all those whom we love. Gift giving can be a bit of a challenge- especially if you re shopping for people who are picky. In cases like that, opt for a gift that everyone, picky or not, can enjoy: candles.

Candles are timeless, and they fulfill their many purposes with ease and grace. However, when they re full of toxic ingredients, artificial smells and wax that burns dirty, they stop being such a sweet thing and start becoming more of a toxic nuisance. And that s why at RainShadow Labs we decided to make our non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally scented soy wax based candles. They take the place of the nasty ones so your candle burning endeavors can stay clean.

And is there a better time of year for burning warm, bright and festive candles than during the holidays? We don t think so, and we ve got some specially scented candles just for the holiday season. And don t think that the only scent appropriate for the holidays is pumpkin spice- that couldn t be further from the truth! With scents like Mulled Wine and Peppermint Stick, you can branch out from the typical holiday smells while still staying festive. And if you do like Pumpkin Spice, well we ve got that for you too.

By choosing to use our clean, ethical and earth friendly private label candles instead of toxic ones you keep your air, lungs and gift recipients happy. There s no mess when they burn, and they make wonderful gifts- especially for those harder to shop for friends and family members. We have Rosemary and Lavender for the nature lovers, Lemongrass for the adventurous, and even a plain unscented option for those who like the warm glow of candlelight without the accompanying aroma. The glass votives each candle is hand poured into ensures that there s no waxy mess, and each candle looks classy and clean wherever it is placed.

Don t limit yourself to low quality and toxic candles. Sleek, clean, gently aromatic and long lasting, our private label soy wax candles are the perfect holiday gift and every day candle choice. We have an option for everyone so you re sure to feel good about your decision. Stay festive, stay clean and stay environmentally green with our private label candles this holiday season.
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