How To Make All Your Private Label Skincare Products Promote Collagen Production

In the private label skincare world, no matter what kind of product line you have, youâ re going to want it to promote collagen production. And the thing is, itâ s easy! Whether you want to load up all your creations with collagen promoting substances, or youâ d rather have one choice addition, making sure that your private label skincare line increases the presence of this skin plumping protein is a sure fire way to put your line at the top of the game. Curious about what some of these collagen-promoting substances are? Here are a few of our favorites:

Sea Fennel extract is basically a gloriously potent and non-irritating botanical form of vitamin A. It effortlessly takes the place of harsher and potentially irritating forms of vitamin A in private label skincare, and with all the same benefits. Aside from promoting the formation of collagen, it also works wonders for skin with texture and tone issues, leaving juicy, balanced and soft skin in its wake. Sea Fennel extract may be used in any and all of the private label skincare formulas that you desire.

Plant peptides are also expert collagen-producers. Why? Because the peptides are actually very small amino acid chains that the skin uses to effortlessly create collagen proteins for skin repair and maintenance. This makes plant peptides an excellent addition for private label skincare that specifically targets regeneration, anti-aging, and balance. Delivered in any form, plant peptides are especially useful in a formulation such as a serum or moisturizer so that they may have the time to really sink into the skin and get to work.

Vitamin C is perhaps the more well-known ingredient in this list, as itâ s become quite a hot commodity for those wishing to banish sun damage while increasing their collagen production. Vitamin C improves and encourages collagen production not just by stimulating the skin to produce it, but also by expertly neutralizing collagen-damaging free radicals that would otherwise be left bouncing around in the skin, wreaking havoc as they go. Vitamin C can also be added to any private label skincare product you choose, and is especially popular right now in serums.

These three collagen super stars are not mutually exclusive, and you can absolutely mix them as you please; it will only serve to enhance the efficacy of your private label skincare. Pick one, or use them all, and rejoice at this simple and effective private label skincare upgrade.

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