Melissa Essential Oil Uses

Melissa essential oil has a few different treatment options and uses. It is one of the more well-rounded blends that helps in a lot of different ways. Here are a few of Melissa oil's uses:

It can help people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. People who suffer from ADD are forgetful and easily distracted. Melissa oil has been able to show significant improvements with people suffering from mild ADD.

Melissa essential oil also fights against cold sores and shingles. It is blended a lot with the rose otto oil to create an even more effective treatment. When using Melissa oil it is important to dilute it, as it can easily cause skin irritation when used on the skin alone.

Melissa oil also aids Dementia patients. Research has shown that Melissa oil has worked as a safe treatment option for people suffering from dementia. It is thought to be effective because it manages the agitation that many Dementia patients have.

It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also has anti-viral properties, which make it work well fighting off virus'. It is a natural treatment option for people suffering from viral infections such as the flu, herpes, smallpox and even the mumps.

Melissa oil is often used with helping aid the heart. It is especially effective when used with tachycardia to help relieve palpitations of the heart because it is able to slow the heart beat down. Melissa oil also helps lower blood pressure.

It proves to aid indigestion. Melissa oil can help relieve nausea as well in many cases. It is a good treatment option for these symptoms, especially when the systems and ailments stem from nervousness.

Melissa oil is used often to treat emotional setbacks and dilemmas. Melissa has a calming and relaxing effect that can help people suffering from states of shock, anger, grief and terror. Melissa oil is often used with Frankincense essential oil to help relax and calm patients.

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