Natural is Safer

Buying wholesale cosmetics allows you to buy a lot of cosmetics at cheaper prices. Wholesale cosmetics give you your bang for your buck. If you buy organic or natural wholesale cosmetics, you are getting an even better deal than the average product.

Why, you ask? Because natural cosmetic sales are growing. People are in-love with what natural skin care products and cosmetics have to offer.

One of the best selling points for getting natural cosmetics is that they are chemical free. They use natural ingredients, such as natural essential oil. Having pure, organic materials are much safer to use on your body.

Last year there was a study done by the advocacy group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They tested the composition of baby-care products and found that the vast majority of 48 major-brands contained at least one of two chemicals: either formaldehyde or 4-dioxane. Both chemicals are believed to be a cause of cancer.

If there are those chemicals in baby care products, which are supposed to be the safest products, we can only imagine what ingredients are in adult cosmetics. There is a huge controversy going on currently about the safety of most cosmetics. There have been dangerous chemicals that have been used in various deodorants, shampoos, and soaps and the public is generally unaware when this is the case.

Some companies now carry warnings on their products when certain chemicals are used. Other products, when found containing dangerous products, are taking off the product line. Sadly, some products, regardless of safety, stay on the shelves.

Cosmetics with natural ingredients, on the other hand, are not as risky as general cosmetics. Natural products are less irritating for the body and skin. This is really made clear when people make the switch to natural makeup foundation and find that their previous skin problems clear up.

There are a lot of advantages with using natural and organic makeup and skin care products. If you want to protect your body from possible harmful products, natural is the way to go. Natural is always safer on your body than chemicals.

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