Private Label Beard Oil

This one s for the men out there. For the bearded guys walking around with unkempt facial hair, and for the discerning man who likes to keep his beard, and skin, cared for. Beard oil is the perfect, and rather necessary, men s facial product to keep ingrown hairs at bay, a beard nourished and healthy, and the skin beneath the scruff soft and flake-free. Private label beard oil is here to stay and claim its place in the private label skincare world of truly effective natural products.

So what do you want in a beard oil? Not something greasy! It s important to make sure that whether you are using a beard oil or including one in your private label skincare line, that the oils used to make it are astringent, while also being rich in healing lipids. The balance of nourishing lipids and astringent type oils makes for a private label beard oil that keeps the skin and facial hair soft, while also being light and therapeutic for rough patches and dry spots. Additionally, astringent oils such as Hazelnut and Rosehip Seed help to prevent ingrown hairs and to keep the skin firm and pores tight.

Oils such as Jojoba and Hazelnut also sink into the skin quickly, leaving soft skin in their wake instead of a greasy film. They also penetrate the hair shaft, keeping it healthy and robust. A high quality beard oil keeps a manly mane in tip top shape, and there s no need to worry about harsh and artificial scents wafting up into your nose from your beard. At RainShadow Labs we offer two private label beard oil options, in unscented or naturally scented, giving you the option of a neutral scent, or one reminiscent of an invigorating walk through the woods.

We made sure to include ingredients such vitamin E, Coconut and Hazelnut oil, and Japanese Green Tea extract to create a private label beard balance of control and nourishment for clear, soft skin and a robust and healthy beard. Including a beard oil in your private label line up is a great way to diversify your line, and to serve the beard wielding man in your life. Best used after a shower when the hair is at its softest, simply apply a little bit to the beard, and enjoy the compliments and confidence that come from using such a high quality private label beard oil.

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