Skincare for Senior Skin

With the wisdom and grace of age come special skin complaints. Crepe-like texture, extra deep wrinkles, dehydration and age spots become more pronounced and troublesome. And while aging is a normal process that we will all go through, it is absolutely possible for you to age with grace and health- both of which can be reflected in the appearance of your skin. And this is where private label skincare strategies for aging skin come into play. Though the foundation of a truly effective skincare regimen starts years before you consider yourself a senior , there are things you can do in your later years to continue to protect and support the integrity of your skin.

First and foremost, you want to focus on collagen. Collagen is the protein in your skin and connective tissues that keeps everything plump, juicy, filled in and resilient. It is absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion and thankfully, supporting its continued production is super easy to do. Make sure to use private label skincare products that include ingredients like plant stem cells and peptides, vitamin C and essential oils like Rose Otto and Frankincense. Second, you want to maintain a significant level of cellular hydration. This is because when our skin cells are dehydrated they become shriveled up like raisins instead of being plump and juicy grapes. In order to keep your cells like plump and juicy grapes, use private label skincare products that have ingredients like botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic acid, Seabuckthorn oil and raw Shea butter.

Lastly, you want to make sure that your skin is being strengthened and protected from pro aging agents like pollution and harsh weather. The combination of dermal strength and protection means that stress will not negatively affect your skin the way it would if its integrity and natural defenses were compromised. This is especially important in our later years when virtually everything is more sensitive and fragile. To nourish and enhance the natural strength of your skin while also providing it with protection from extremes, use private label skincare products that contain lots of potent antioxidants and adaptogens like Reishi.

You can look and feel fabulous- no matter your age. You can have soft and supple skin well into your later years. With a few strategic private label skincare products and daily use, the natural strength, resilience, glow and health of your skin can stay supported and protected.
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