The Amazing Bergamot Essential Oil and Its Uses

Some oils really stand out with their uses, smells, and originations. Bergamot is one such essential oil. Bergamot oil is attributed to being used in a variety of items, including deodorants, antibiotics, and anti depressants.

Bergamot has some amazing properties. One of those properties is that it is an anti biotic. It works to fight off infections and prevent infections from happening.

Its antibiotic properties also make bergamot a great antiseptic. It works as a vulnerary agent to heal off skin irritations. This can be anything from cuts, wounds, cracked skin, and eczema.

Bergamot has been known for helping fight against fevers. It lowers body temperatures because of its anti biotic properties. It also causes the body to perspire, which reduces body heat and lowers temperature.

Bergamot works as a natural deodorant. People who do not want to use antiperspirant because of the aluminum will find bergamot as a good option. Bergamot has a good fragrance, and has disinfectant properties that fight off bacteria that cause body-odor bacteria.

People suffering from depression can really benefit from using bergamot essential oil. Bergamot has been known to increase happiness and work as an anti-depressant. It stimulates hormone secretion, which can help with metabolism.

Bergamot also can help with digestion. It also works as a pain reliever. It is used a lot to fight off headaches or muscle pains. If you are in pain it also works as a sedative and relaxant to aid to calm nervousness, stress, and anxiety.

There are many other uses for bergamot essential oil. It is a wonderful oil to use. When using bergamot, however, be sure to use proper safety precautions. It is completely safe to use if used correctly, but caution should be taken in application and storage, as bergamot oil should not be exposed to sunlight for safety reasons.
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