The Best Essential Oils for Making Your Own Candles

Essential oils have been used in candle making for centuries to promote the mental health and well-being in people of all ages. Many have been known to support good feelings while others may promote healthy blood pressure levels. The potential benefits of aromatherapy can be far reaching and plentiful. Choosing the right essential oils can enhance your life while there are some that may not be safe for small children and pets.

Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Essential oils come in thousands of scents and brands, varying in quality and consistency. Candles purchased in a store often contain toxic chemicals that can be detrimental to your family and pets. These candles, according to this report by CNN, can irritate or cause respiratory health concerns with children, pets and adults. Making your own candles could be the solution to a safer, more healthy, relaxed home.

How do you select which brand and oils are best for you and your family? This can be a difficult decision, as any oil you use in a candle will have an aromatherapy effect on your entire family, including pets. Here are some of the best essential oils for candle making:

  • Patchouli Essential Oil: This is among the most used essential oils of all time. Providing a warm, earthy smell when included in your favorite candle, it is great to support healthy mood stabilization and repel unwanted bugs. Combine our Patchouli Oil with Clary Sage for a more flowery smelling candle or Laurel Berry for a more mountainous, piney smell.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Another popular oil, lavender helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system promoting relaxation and rest for the body. Our Lavender Essential Oil is great when paired with our Patchouli Essential Oil for an earthy flowery scent, or perhaps with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for a more relaxed, calming environment.
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Meaning the flower of flowers , Ylang Ylang essential oil supports healthy mood stabilization and positive feelings. In Chinese medicine, Ylang Ylang is considered a calming heart tonic. Our Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is great when paired with Geranium, Bergamot, Vetiver or Ruby Grapefruit Essential Oils for a spicy sweet smell.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Extracted from the resin of the Boswellia tree, this essential oil is one of our favorites for candle making. It encourages mood stabilization and promotes focus and concentration. Use our Frankincense Essential Oil alone or blend it with Laurel Berry or Ylang Ylang essential oils for additional aromatherapy benefits.

Candles can be a powerful way of providing aromatherapy benefits to your family and friends. Using high quality essential oils, your candles provide many benefits beyond simply adding a pleasant smell to your home. DIY candle making can seem complicated and time-consuming. If you are overwhelmed with that prospect, check out our coconut blend wax candles here. We can also produce any candle to your exact specifications and preferences, complete with custom labeling. We provide comprehensive solutions to all your custom manufacturing, private label or direct buy product needs. Don t go at this alone, whether you are looking for supplies for your next DIY project or are wanting to buy ready made candles in large quantities, we can help. Call today call 503-366-3413 to speak to our friendly customer service agents.

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