The Private Label Skincare Trends to Watch in 2016

rosemary oilWhile the word trend can tend to turn people off, the reality is that some things become trendy or quickly popular for a reason: they work. In the case of private label skincare, this couldn t be more true. While some things come and go like waves in the ocean, others come and stay as they prove themselves to be worth the hype. What was once an ingredient or product of the moment becomes a trusted skincare ally that brands and customers seek out years after their market debut. Here s our take on the ingredient and product trends to watch in 2016, since they might just become another addition to the tried and true list of private label skincare wonders.

Niacinamide: If there s one private label skincare ingredient you pay extra attention to this year, let it be Niacinamide. This ingredient has been on its way up for the past few years, and we expect there to be something of a Niacinamide storm this year in the skincare world and for good reason. Niacinamide is an anti aging powerhouse that heals and fades acne scars and other kinds of dark spots, promotes collagen production and fine line and wrinkle plumping, as well as the retention of moisture within your skin. It also stimulates your skin to produce three kinds of proteins that further keep your skin hydrated, young and toned. Niacinamide also fights inflammation and improves upon the overall structure of the skin so that it stays supple and tight instead of saggy and loose. Niacinamide is an excellent private label serum ingredient, but can also be used in virtually everything else you d ever want to put on your face.

Oils: More and more people are ditching the soap and foaming agents and instead opting for oil based private label skincare products. And the beauty of this is that there are literally so many plant oils to choose from that it s quite easy to differentiate yourself from other brands and put out a product that is specialized for your customer base. Oil based products also play double duty as they can be used as cleansers and as moisturizers/toners, which makes them especially great for low maintenance folks. If you don t have one of these in your line or bathroom cabinet, now s the time to change that.

While there are no doubt other things on the skincare horizon in 2016, we think these two have the biggest potential for not only being wildly popular and effective, but also becoming skincare staples for their efficacy and ease. Go ahead and give one, or both, a go.

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