Vitamin C for Summer Skin

Summer is here, the days are getting continually warmer, and you are no doubt spending more time in the sun. And with these warm, bright days should also come more incentive to keep your skin free from photo damage, and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure your skin is getting daily doses of the highest quality vitamin C. Scientifically proven to mitigate and prevent the negative effects of photo damage, vitamin C should be one of your go-to ingredients for keeping your skin healthy, smooth and young. And here at RainShadow Labs, we ve taken our vitamin C game up a notch with an even better form of this skin-loving vitamin.

We prefer to use a form of vitamin C known as Stay-C 50 due to its increased efficacy in the skin. See, Stay-C 50 is more easily absorbed and instantly utilized by the skin, while also being more stable. This is in contrast to the typical form of vitamin C used in the private label skincare industry known as Ascorbyl Palmitate, which takes much longer to penetrate into the skin, let alone start to be utilized by it.

Vitamin C is the perfect private label skincare ingredient to use in literally all of your formulas- especially a serum. This is an ingredient that you really can t have too much of, as it seamlessly helps to prevent and fix discoloration, fine lines and sagging. It is superb at prompting the skin to product more collagen, and has even been shown to provide up to eight times the skin s natural protection from UV damage. So for all of you sun lovers and those in need of some anti aging and sun exposure reparations, make sure you include a high quality vitamin C, like Stay-C 50, in your daily private label skincare.

If you re an avid sunscreen user, or have a sunscreen in your private label skincare lineup, adding in Stay-C 50 is the perfect way to boost the skin s protection and product efficacy, as vitamin C can protect and heal the skin from sun damage in a way that a normal sunscreen doesn t. Even if your private label skincare line isn t specifically a vitamin C line, put it in your products! It works in lotions, masks, serums- you name it. Give yourself, and your customers, the extra boost of vitamin C they need in order to have young, splotch free, plump and juicy skin.

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