Why Use Organic Cosmetics?

RainShadow Labs is a Wholesale Retailer and a Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer.  We offer optimum grade natural and organic skin care products and essential oils. You may wonder Why Use Organic Cosmetics? Here s why:

Your skin has its own metabolism.  Just like your body won t metabolize certain kinds of foods (mostly chemically laced ones) your skin can t process strange cosmetic material. When you skin doesn t process the lab-crafted lotion you put on your face, it gets clogged and heavy in the same way your body gains weight when it doesn t metabolize certain foods.  

Cosmetics that don t get processed by the skin are obviously less effective and also lend to a duller complexion because of the residue that the skin couldn t process.  Organic Cosmetics are easy to process and therefore keep the skin healthy and vibrant!

Organic Cosmetics are also important to use because they lower toxicity for the entire body.  Your skin is a permeable membrane.  Whatever you put on the skin gets absorbed, partially or completely, into the bloodstream.  When pesticides and chemicals from non-organic products get absorbed into the bloodstream, those materials are delivered to your cells.  This increases and speeds aging.  You can t get that healthy glow when you are full of toxins.  

On the flip side, when you Use Organic Cosmetics, only the most natural, healthy ingredients get into the bloodstream and subsequently delivered to your tissues.  Imagine what it would be like if the materials your cells received were things like pure Vitamin C, DNA-protecting Lavender Essential Oil or anti-aging Spirunlina? Not only are all of these materials a cinch for the skin to metabolize, when they feed your cells via bloodstream absorption you get an extra-beauty boost.

Why Use Organic Cosmetics? The answer is clear. Organic Cosmetics are safer, healthier and actually contribute to a more dazzling appearance!  Many skin problems may disappear when you stop laying your face with irritating, chemical cosmetics.  We invite you to try our products.  All products from RainShadow Labs are crafted with intelligence, care and only the most select natural and organic ingredients.

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