Dope Hair Sample Bundle
Dope Hair Jelly

Dope Hair Sample Bundle

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Our Dope Hair line, available to try as an easy-to-order sample pack. 

It features one, 2oz sample of each:
  • Dope Hair Jelly
  • Dope Hair Powder
  • Dope Hair Balm
  • Dope Hair Pomade
  • Dope Hair Tonic
Dope Hair Jelly: Our vegan and natural hair jelly, formulated for superb styling and non-crunchy hold.
Dope Hair Powder: A natural dry shampoo and styling powder that gives ample lift and volume while absorbing excess oils. 
Dope Hair Balm: Our Dope Hair Balm is all about non-sticky, style-forward moisture for curls, frizz, and over-processed hair.
Dope Hair Pomade: The natural answer to excellent hair styling texture and hold. 
Dope Hair Tonic: A natural and vegan hair tonic formulated for a vibrant, full and manageable mane.