Eye Care Sample Bundle (EYEPACK)
Eye Care Sample Bundle (EYEPACK)

Eye Care Sample Bundle (EYEPACK)

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Eye Bright Gel
Peptide Complex Eye Gel
Super Youth Eye Cream
Vitamin C Eye Gel
Day Eye Moisturizer
Five of our most popular eye care products in a convenient, ready to go bundle. Curated specifically for private label customers who want to take some of the guesswork out of ordering samples for their line.

Bundle features one of each of the following:
  • AHCL Super Youth Eye Cream
  • AEG Peptide Complex Eye Gel
  • AEBG Eye Bright Gel
  • LHCI Day Eye Moisturizer
  • AVC Vitamin C Eye Gel
AHCL- Filled with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, alpha lipoid acid and organic aloe, crepey skin and fine lines don't stand a chance against our Super Youth Eye Cream. Some even like to use it all over their faces!

AEG- Plant peptides stimulate major collagen production while hyaluronic acid hydrates, MSM rebuilds damaged tissue and botanicals such as periwinkle help keep things tight and bright. This formula, like all our eye products, can be used under makeup. 

AEBG- Bright, tight, clear and juicy skin is an unmistakeable sign of a youthful, happy dermis. And that's exactly what our Eye Bright Gel has to offer. Plant stem cells and peptides work together alongside amino acids and intelligent botanicals like gotu kola for complete and effective anti aging eye care that works.

LHCI- Formulated to protect the delicate skin around your eyes as you go about your day, RainShadow Labs' Day Eye Moisturizer delivers a slew of botanical actives, humectants and anti aging peptides to the all-too-quick-to-age eye area. The result is long lasting skincare support that keeps things soft, hydrated and protected with all day, plant-powered support.

AVC- Say goodbye to fine line filled, dull looking, thin and uneven-toned eye skin with our phenomenal Vitamin C Eye Gel. Lightweight and quick to soak in, it can be used morning and night as you please. Gentle yet effective, we formulated this one to capture the anti aging magic of vitamin C without any threat of irritation to the often sensitive eye area.