Face Wash Sample Bundle (FCEPACK)
Face Wash Sample Bundle (FCEPACK)

Face Wash Sample Bundle (FCEPACK)

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Five of our most popular cleanser samples ready to go for your convenience. Designed specifically for the private label customer who wants to take the guesswork out of choosing which samples to order for their line.

The bundle includes 1 of each:
  • ASWB Facial Cleansing Souffle
  • G2NASA Acne/Sensitive Face Wash
  • G2VC Vitamin C Wash
  • G4CPC Active Charcoal Purifying Cleanser
  • G2NAO Ocean Mineral Wash
ASWB- This cleanser is designed to be the perfect blend of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, all in one product. With a creamy and non-foaming texture, it's great for those who want clean and clear skin without the stripping experience of harsh foaming detergents.

G2NASA- Many acne sufferers also have sensitive skin, and this cleanser was formulated for both! Sulfate free and high in beneficial actives, it soothes, clears, cleanses and protects the skin.

G2VC- Eight fold antioxidant protection and super-charged anti aging support are what you get from this vitamin C packed cleanser. Sulfate free and gently while still being effective, it's a perfect every day cleanser and a great compliment to our other vitamin C products.

G4CPC- Featuring our top-of-the-line coconut activated charcoal, this cleanser is all about getting rid of and keeping away those pesky impurities that lead to things like hard-to-get-rid-of blackheads. Detoxifying while also restorative, thanks to actives like reishi mushroom, aloe and lavender, our Active Charcoal Purifying Cleanser is the perfect one-stop-shop facial cleanser.

G2NAO- Fortified with all 92 essential ocean minerals, this cleanser strengthens, protects and restores all skin types. Bolstered with actives like rosehip seed and vitamin E, every application leads to stronger, more adaptable and happy skin.