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A bottle of each of our five #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Line products in one easy-to-order bundle. This line uses a pomegranate enzyme ferment in place of typical AHA's and the result is a fun, unique and superbly effective exfoliating experience. Without the sensitization that can come with AHA's.

Includes 1 of each:
  • (NFEL) #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Lotion
  • (NFENC) #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Night Cream
  • (NFEP) #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Peel
  • (NFES) #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Serum
  • (NFEW) #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Wash
NFEL: This lotion is smooth and light, with MSM and seaweed to nourish and help the skin as it exfoliates. It can be used everyday or just once a week, soaks in quickly and has a lovely citrus-based scent.

NFENC: Cocoa butter and rosehip oil mix with plant stem cells and peptides for a seriously luscious yet light nighttime rejuvenation cream. 

NFEP: A peel-less peel, this exfoliating treatment has papaya seed oil, organic aloe and lime hydrosol for extra oomph, moisture and tightening support. Use once a week, or even once a month as your skin needs.

NFES: An anti aging serum- that also exfoliates. MSM, reishi mushroom and Wakame seaweed bioferment are just a few of the supporting ingredients in this formula. Anti aging, exfoliating, softening and exceedingly wonderful, this serum is one-of-a-kind.

NFEW: A coconut-based wash that doubles as an exfoliant, our #NOFILTER cleanser cleanses without stripping and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. Use like you would your regular cleanser, or alternate with another as you like.