Private Label Natural Skin Care

Private labeling is a popular method of creating and branding skincare and beauty products. Private labeling has also gained the title of “phantom branding”. It is the act of one company, or manufacturing facility, creating products that will be sold through another brand. While there are many benefits to private labeling with a private label skincare manufacturer, sometimes it can lead to products that are not made with high-quality ingredients. Learn more about Private Label natural skin care products and where to get them.

When you use the private labeling services of RainShadow Labs, you are partnering with a company in service to our customers, our community and our planet. Many private label companies claim that it is more sustainable to produce multiple brands out of one facility, and while this does help cut costs, it does not aid the environment if those practices aren’t eco-friendly. Learn how RainShadow Labs stands out above the rest, both with our practices and products.

Why Private Label?

Private labeling is beneficial in many ways, one of the most significant being that a business can manufacture custom made products without having to own and operate their own facility.

Manufacturing facilities use a lot of energy, and because of that they expel large amounts of CO2 into the air, which is not good for our environment. Because private labeling facilities cut down on the amount of independent, brand specific manufacturing buildings, less CO2 is expelled because there are less manufacturers.

However, not all private label facilities also cut down on emissions. But at RainShadow Labs, we are committed to zero-waste and sustainability. Our facility is operated on 100% wind power and we recycle all plastic, paper and glass products. We also create and use vegan, kosher, and/or biodegradable materials and prducts to ensure both our practices and our products are good for you and the environment.


Additionally, choosing to private label your skincare line allows you to focus on the marketing and client facing aspects of owning a business while we handle formulation and production. Not all business owners have the funding, or the skill sets, to formulate and manufacture skincare products. Partnering with RainShadow Labs combines what each party does best so you have the best chance for success.

Recipe For Success

Part of running a successful business means having the best possible products. When you provide high-quality, natural skincare products that actually work, your likelihood of having dedicated, repeat customers greatly increases.

By investing in products that look, feel and do good, half of your marketing job is done. We use natural and organic materials not to follow trends, but because the skin responds to natural, intelligently formulated ingredients more favorably than products that contain synthetic versions of the same thing.

We have over 100 different natural active ingredients available to include in your private label skincare products. For scented options, we also have a variety of pure essential oils that will turn any product into a blissful aromatherapeutic experience.

With private label natural skin care, the options are endless and all within your reach. You can contact one of our skincare professionals today and start creating the product meant for you.

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