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Amber Essential Oil - EO66
Amber Essential Oil - EO66

Amber Essential Oil - EO66

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The smell of our Amber blend right out of the bottle is strong Benzoin because of a generous percentage of resin. On the test strip the aroma is more complex with hints of Vanilla, Vetiver and Labdanum. It contains resins, absolutes and steam distilled oils. The entire blend is natural. In this blend exist a balsam and a vanilla absolute of superior quality. We suggest shaking well and using a hot water bath on your bottle before pouring. There may be a little settling of the resins but in your applications this issue should be minimal. Whatever you do, don't discard any of the remaining resin because it is still quite valuable.This blend has a great fixative quality and enhances woods well, especially Sandalwood.

Amber Essential Oil

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