In partnership with our private label skincare clients, Rainshadow Labs has launched thousands of highly successful personal care products into the natural and organics skincare marketplace. We create formulas for face, hair, bath and body products from high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients. Because we operate our own manufacturing lab, we can create an extremely wide variety of products for your personal and private label use with speed to market.

Ready to Private Label? There are three basic steps

  1. Envision your ideal product(s) for your brand
  2. Select from 100’s of luxurious stock formulas, or partner with us to add your brand ingredients or scent to develop your own limited formula.
  3. Source your components for filling and labelling. See our preferred vendors list.

Choosing your formula-

Pre-formulated Buy Direct Formulas: RSL provides stock bases for those who would like to bypass the custom formulation process and are seeking a quick to market strategy. You will find hundreds of options for your pre-formulated product line. Check out our Buy Direct options.  

Semi Custom: Select a stock formula and add brand ingredients/scents. 

Custom Formulation: The custom formulation option is for customers who want the ultimate creative decision in their products.

If you are interested in pursuing semi custom or custom formulation – you can learn more about our custom formulation and contract manufacturing process here.

Filling and Packaging-

This is the final step to getting your product to market.  If you need help choosing your packing components and designing your label – please check our our preferred vendors page. These preferred vendors work directly with Rainshadow Labs customers and are prepared to answer all of your questions and guide you through this creative process.

If you already have your own vendors, you can use them for packaging and labels. We mention preferred vendors in case you're new to the industry or are looking for something different. Our list includes only companies we've had good experiences with and feel confident they will meet your needs.

After you've chosen a vendor and finished the design and selection process, you will send samples to us for filling assessment prior to quoting, and fill out our packaging assessment form describing your product details.