Back Ordered Product: Occasionally ingredients are held up in the order process and orders are halted until all ingredients relevant to manufacturing are in house. Back orders are given the utmost attention and priority. In the event of a back order situation you will be given the option of shipping your partial order out when it is ready or to hold your order until it is ready to ship in its entirety. You will be responsible for the shipping charges of each shipment should you choose to split the delivery with a partial shipment.


At RainShadow Labs we stand behind the quality of our products. Our insurance covers products that are manufactured by our Company with our approved “in- house” ingredients ONLY when we provide all of the ingredients; package the product; label the product and send out the product for distribution. If we will be doing the aforementioned, the customer may inquire into being named on the RainShadow Labs insurance policy for product liability only.

We recommend that all of our customers carry their own business insurance for their business operations. If a customer chooses to alter the product or self-package the product at the site of their business or any location outside of RainShadow Labs it is strongly recommended that the customer arrange their own product liability insurance as the RainShadow Labs insurance will not insure product that is not fully in the control of RainShadow Labs at all levels of preparation.

Lab Samples & Contract:

As customers begin the Custom Formulation process with RainShadow Labs we will enlist the lab to create customized product samples for you to test. These will represent different versions of what our lab has understood to be requested for the particular product in question. The lab order form will be entered into the lab formulation line up. There is an estimated lead time of 3 weeks to receive your first sample. There is an initial lab fee involved in this process to cover lab time and the first domestic shipment.

Custom Formulation: $5000

Semi-Custom Formulation: $3000

You will be billed the development fee plus applicable tax per formula. This initial lab fee covers 3 free revisions to make adjustments to your sample. Freight will be billed separately for samples and adjustments requested. If reformulating and finalizing custom formulations takes us beyond six months, then a new lab fee will be initiated which will cover the next six months of lab time. 

RainShadow Labs will own the formulations that are created in our lab and RSL will sign a Non-Disclosure legal document to ensure that we are only making your product for your company. We will never share your formulation or ingredient information with any company other than yours.

In order to begin this process please fill out the following electronic form and submit it to RSL:

Rainshadow Labs Custom Formula Product Request Form (PDR)Digital Formulation Questionnaire

Before the lab process can begin customers will need to have signed and submitted a lab sample contract to our offices. 

If you have any further questions regarding the Custom Formulation Process, please send an email to info@rainshadowlabs.com or call 503-366-3413 and ask for Custom Formulation Support.

We look forward to creating with you.

Marketing & Claims:

RainShadow Labs is committed to providing transparent information regarding what ingredients have or have not been used in your Custom Formulated Products. RSL will always provide for you the common name of an ingredient as well as the INCI name of an ingredient if it exists. RSL will provide Ingredient Decks for every approved formulation that our lab creates. RainShadow Labs does not make or support any labeling claims as this is a third party process. In order to validate and support any claims made on your labels, you will need to enlist a third party independent testing lab to perform specific testing to corroborate the claims made on your labels.

Minimum Orders:

Buy Direct: There is no minimum dollar amount to order stock catalog products. You can access our direct-from-the-manufacturer, wholesale prices by going through our Buy Direct page 

Samples are offered (1-2oz sizes) on all stock products. We strongly suggest that a sample is ordered prior to purchasing in larger quantities. Returns will not be accepted when the proper formula/item has been shipped.  Beyond sample sizes, Buy Direct products range from individual 32oz containers to 1-gallon sizes and larger.

Minimum Order for Custom Manufacturing: All custom items require a 25-gallon minimum purchase.

Minimum Order on Contract Filling: Custom Formulations require a 25-gallon minimum purchase while our stock catalog formulas require a 10 gallon minimum for filling.

Payment Policies:

Stock, Semi-Custom, Custom: Buyer shall pay RSL a non-refundable deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the total amount of any Purchase Order at the time of Seller’s acceptance of such Purchase Order, and the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the amount of such Purchase Order immediately prior to shipment. Buyer’s full payment shall be an express condition precedent to Buyer’s obligation to ship the Products. Seller may, but is not required to, issue periodic invoices to Buyer for Products ordered. 

Buy Direct orders: payment is due in full upon placement of order. 

Past due balances are subject to a late payment charge of 18% per annuum, or the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, whichever is less.  

Pricing & Quotes:

Stock Product Pricing: Due to an ever evolving and changing world market as well as the changing nature and constitution of natural ingredients and essential oils, which is in effect a commodities market, price commitment by RainShadow Labs is made at the time an order is placed only.  Price quotes in this catalog/online listing are representative of the cost of an item as it currently stands at the time of launch.  Always confirm pricing at the time of order because prices are subject to change. We will continue to do all that we can to remain the most competitive manufacturer both in the pricing arena as well as in the high quality market.

Custom Manufacturing Quotes: Price quotes are created for custom manufacturing/large bulk purchases/contract filling once the following information has been finalized:

Custom Manufacturing: Once the custom formulation process has been finalized and a customer has approved their formulas, a completed lab sample feedback form will be required. Please email (info@rainshadowlabs.com).  Once we have this confirmation in house, a bulk quote will be provided for the customer. Expect a 3-5 business day turn around to have this information provided via email.

Large Bulk Purchases: For larger quantities of stock bulk products (25 gallons or higher) please email info@rainshadowlabs.com or call US at 503-366-3413. A quote will be provided once product and scent information is provided to RSL. Expect a 3-5 business day turn around to have this information provided via email.

Contract Filling/Labeling: Once formulation has been finalized and price quotes for filling/labeling are requested, the following information will be required:

  • 10 of each sized container and lid and component to be used in your project.  For tubes we will require 30 test containers. Please mark on these containers where the desired product fill line is for this container as this will affect the price. We will need these to do an in-house fill test.
  • 10 samples of each label size. Your label company should be able to provide you with blank die cuts of your label sizes. We will need this information to verify that the label is appropriate for the container and that we can apply it.

RSL does not provide ballpark quotes under any circumstances as they are misleading and a waste of time for all parties in question. Once formulations are established, RSL will happily provide all relevant pricing information to customers.


Stock Product Returns: All products are final sales, and no returns will be accepted. Damages due to shipping will be resolved with replacement orders.

Shelf Life:

For optimal shelf life, all products should be stored in a dry area maintained at room temperature. All of RainShadow’s products are formulated for a two year shelf life, based on our chemists knowledge. Third party testing is available for definite shelf life labeling claims. Fragrance and color are affected in with high heat and bright light environments. If you have further questions, please call us.


On “in stock” items, for up to 25 gallons, it usually takes 7 to 10 working days from the time we receive your order until it ships from our docks. Out of stock and custom items are 4-6 weeks for shipping once all raw materials are in-house. For custom fill projects, allow 8-10 weeks until ready to ship once raw materials and packaging are on site. Freight arrangements will need to be made by the customer – RainShadow will make shipping arrangements for anything needing to go via packaging carrier such as FedEx. Custom orders will be confirmed with a contract and deposit prior to receiving your order’s promise date. Please make sure your shipping information is correct on your contract. A $35 charge will be made on all shipments that require address corrections called in after the product has shipped.

  • Small partial shipments will ship via Fed-Ex on RSL account. Shipping charges are collected at the time of placement if ordered via website. 
  • When ordering via email, shipping charges will be collected at the time of invoicing. 
  • All freight shipments are the customer's responsibility to schedule pickup and delivery. 
  • RainShadow will provide the following details to send to your transport company: number of pallets, weight of each pallet and dimension of each pallet. 
  • Climate control is highly recommended, as RainShadow Labs is not responsible for product changes due to excess hot or cold temperatures during transit.  

Damaged Shipments: Please do not sign for the shipment until you have checked for external damage. If the damage is bad, refuse the shipment. Always have your delivery driver sign your paperwork acknowledging the damage. This will make the claim much easier. If you did not notice it at first, save all packaging and containers for damage inspection. For damages of small parcel shipments call us immediately and we will help you with your damage claim with the carrier. You must report all damage within 10 days of receipt.