Clay Mask 3-Pack (MASKTRIO)
Clay Mask 3-Pack (MASKTRIO)

Clay Mask 3-Pack (MASKTRIO)

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This 3-pack features 3 of our newest and most exciting clay facial masks: French Green Clay Mask, Pink Moroccan Clay Mask and Saffron Yellow Clay Mask.

French Green Clay Mask: RainShadow Labs' French Green Clay Mask is an ode to the wild green bounty of our land and sea. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, polysaccharides and skin-protective intelligence, ingredients like kaolin clay, rosemary, sage and our famed seaweed bioferment are just some of the wild and green things that make up this formula. Its texture is smooth and spreadable, perfect for both body treatments and face masks alike.

Pink Moroccan Clay Mask: Beautiful, deep pink schizandra berry extract, Rosehip seed oil, Rosa Damascena and kaolin clay lead the way in this gorgeously restorative and beautifying face mask. The addition of MSM, geranium and frankincense officially make this mask a self-care party worthy of your weekends and universal need to fortify and pamper your skin on the regular. Use it at home, or in your spa practice for both face and body treatments that leave all it touches feeling and looking fresh, nourished, glowy and smooth.

Saffron Yellow Clay Mask: Turmeric, Kaolin clay and carrot seed oil star in our Saffron Yellow Clay Mask for the most botanically advanced anti aging possible. Together they balance, tone, protect, soothe and detoxify for a clean, clear and fantastically radiant complexion. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Chamomile and ginger extracts, MSM, vitamin C and aloe are just some of the other fantastic skincare allies included that are willing and ready to get to work on your skin. Our Saffron Yellow Clay Mask can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, which makes it a phenomenal back bar item for spas.