Clementine Essential Oil  (EO71)
Clementine Essential Oil (EO71)

Clementine Essential Oil (EO71)

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Citrus Clementia Peel Oil (Clementine Essential Oil)

Cold Pressed


The quality and frequency of a product is profoundly impacted by the scent it imparts to the end user when applied. Bright, fresh, clean and soothing are always what consumers hope for in their daily beauty and self care rituals. The world of smells is sadly saturated with chemicals, Pthalates, hormone disruptors, and toxic ingredients. One scent can contain thousands of individual components. Cleaning up the fragrance world is of paramount importance and relevance. This one upgrade could dramatically shift and improve the health of our water, earth, air, species and lives.  

RainShadow Labs takes to heart the very real task of creating healthy products that can compete fiercely and well in a chemical saturated market. Our scents must smell better…be brighter…and last just as long as their synthetic counterparts. Clean products are still expected to outperform their competitors….be cost effective…..and feel GOOD when applied. It is with this awareness that we continually seek out and bring forth the highest and the best when it comes to healthy safe and beautiful scent options. Your success is our mission. 

Introducing Italian Clementine essential oil. Bright, clean, fresh and healing….this fruit oil is delicious. The smell is of warm bright light juicy sunshine. It is a very calming oil, soothing to the nervous system. It is gentle on the skin and safe for daily application when blended into a formula. 

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