Facial Masks

RainShadow Labs has been refining "skin refining" products for more than thirty years now. Facial masks are the icing on the cake when it comes to product line ups. After you have dialed in your lotion and serum and cleanser and toner, the mask is what finishes off all of your positive efforts regarding your skin. Masks are the "finisher" when it comes to your face.

Depending on the formula and ingredient line up, a face mask will take you over the final ridge and up into the elevated stratosphere of incredible skin. Masks can erase creases, shrink and tighten pores, even out discoloration, dry out and calm pimple flare ups, soothe and tone red skin, reduce inflammation, hydrate, plump, firm, and exfoliate. The perfect mask for your product line and best face ever is one click away. Happy shopping.