Patchouli Essential Oil

Posted by Julia Sanders on 5/25/2013 to Oils

Patchouli essential oil, extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant, has a long therapeutic and medicinal history that began in Southeast Asia many centuries ago. Bearing a variety of active properties, it is useful for meditation purposes, as an aphrodisiac, to treat skin and hair, and to repel insects. With inherent grounding and uplifting qualities, this earthy, woody aroma taps into the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and even the third eye chakra. While it is often associated with the hippies of the 1960s, this multifaceted oil is a fantastic staple for anyone to have on hand.

Patchouli essential oil offers extensive benefits for the skin. Mix it with filtered water or a base lotion/oil to alleviate acne, eczema, athlete’s foot, inflammation, minor cuts, or soothe cracked, chapped, irritated, and weathered skin. It will tone and clear the skin in a safe, natural, and effective manner. Plus, its cell-rejuvenating and scar-reducing properties work wonders when it comes to anti-aging. Use this ancient remedy to reveal your best complexion and treat skin ailments. It can also be used in the hair to alleviate dandruff and balance oiliness.

Enjoy the outdoors? While this amazing oil is working on your skin and hair, it will also be deterring those pesky insects from bothering you! Talk about hitting ten pins with one ball!

Not only will your skin, hair, and outdoor activities benefit from patchouli essential oil, but your nervous system will too! The aroma of patchouli essential oil helps to reduce tension, insomnia, and anxiety while boosting the mood and clearing the mind.

Associated with the root chakra, patchouli essential oil grounds, secures, and brings contentment to the individual while voiding unwanted fears. Linked to the sacral chakra, patchouli essential oil opens creative flow, supports healthy sexual desire and activity, and engages a positive outlook. While this botanical treasure supports the opening and clearing of the root and sacral chakras, bringing security and positivity, it also corresponds with the third eye chakra and thus promotes the intuitive mind and enlightened spirit.

Diffuse patchouli essential oil into the air, use it with a base lotion or oil on your body, or simply inhale its aroma to oblige your emotional, sexual, mental, and spiritual health.