Beat Those Blackheads!

clear nose and faceBlackheads are the worst! They can seem impossible to get rid of, disrupt the texture of your skin and never take to makeup quite right. Nose strips, harsh washes and plain old picking are all black head solutions that don t actually work, yet virtually every one of us has tried at some point. It can feel overwhelming, but don t give up hope! We ve got a few private label tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you beat those blackheads for good without damaging the rest of your skin.

This may sound basic, but proper and regular exfoliation is crucial for keeping blackheads in check. Blackheads are a mixture of your skin s sebum, dirt and dead skin all stuffed into a pore. It s called a blackhead because the top layer of the sebum, skin and dirt mixture oxidizes, turning it a brown or blackish color. In order to prevent this little pore clogging cocktail from forming you want to minimize the amount of dead skin you have building up on your face to the bare minimum. That way, even if you have fairly oily skin, it won t have enough excess dirt and dead skin cells to mix with and clog your pores.

You can experiment with different exfoliating mediums to see what you like best, but we generally find that a high quality and effective private label enzyme mask is the best way to go. This is because using a manual exfoliator such as a scrub doesn t always offer the same level of efficacy that an enzyme mask does. With a scrub, some of the dead skin and dirt you are trying to scrub off inevitably just gets pushed around instead of 

When looking for a high quality private label exfoliating mask, you don t want it to contain any really harsh acids that peel your skin. Instead, look for ingredients like papaya and pineapple enzymes, fruit acids like AHA s and a soothing medium like Aloe Vera. This combination of ingredients is the perfect exfoliating and skin tightening cocktail to keep your face as blackhead free as possible. A bonus is that AHA s and Aloe Vera help to fight and reduce wrinkles and fine lines so not only will your skin be smooth and clear, but it will look younger and more vibrant too.

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