Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Essential oils can be really handy in case of an emergency. It is always a good idea to include some oils in your first aid kit. You never know when they will come in handy.

Oils are very nice because they are so useful. If you know how to use them, and what they can be used for, they can be just as handy as other traditional medicine. They have great healing properties and are perfect for a first aid kit.

When putting together your first aid kit decide what types of essential oils you think should be put in there. There are a lot of oils out there, with a lot of great remedies, but try to limit the amount in your kit. A good maximum number to stick to is about seven or eight.

When you use essential oils in your first aid kit you need to handle them with care. Store them in a proper fashion so it isn't affected by heat or light. The oils tend to be more volatile, so be sure to choose a good place to store the kit.

When you are choosing your oils know how they are used. If they need to be mixed before they can be applied find a good base or carrier oil to go along with it. A good carrier oil is sweet almond oil.

The first aid kit should also include normal things found in a kit. Add gauze, tape, scissors, tweezers, band-aids, etc. Also include a way to apply the various oils.

Put a sheet in there on how to properly use the essential oils. When you are faced with an emergency you can sometimes get anxious and forget how to use them. A list of remedies and instructions can be handy in case someone isn't as familiar with the oils too.

Be safe when using the oils in your kit. Never leave the first aid kit where children can reach it, since essential oils should never be swallowed or used the wrong way. Also, every so often do a skin patch test to make sure that the oil is still working its best. If you get an allergic reaction, stop using the oil as soon as possible.

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