Fruit Enzymes for Easy Exfoliating

Have you ever exfoliated with fruit enzymes before? That tingly yet gentle feeling you get with every application of a fruit enzyme mask is a sign that those little guys are doing their job. While some people use manual exfoliation, and others use AHA s, we think that perhaps the most enjoyable exfoliation experience comes from fruit enzymes. They make the perfectly gentle yet effective private label skincare exfoliating masks, and are versatile enough to use on a wide range of skin types.

The most popular fruit enzymes to use for exfoliation are typically papaya and pineapple, but other fruits such as blueberries, apples, and even sugar cane enzymes are used as well. Upon application, these little enzymes go to work on the dead skin cells on the very top layer of your face, basically eating them up and in turn, revealing new and bright skin underneath.

Using fruit enzymes in your private label skincare products is a great way to make your exfoliating mask or serum accessible to a wider range of customers because of how gentle the enzymes are. While manual exfoliation can be irritating, and AHA s can cause sensitivity, fruit enzymes have neither effect on the skin. All they do is digest away the old and dead skin cells that block the new layer of skin from breathing, glowing, and soaking up all the active ingredients in your private label skincare products.

There s no need or requirement to only use one fruit acid at a time. In fact, it s perfectly desirable to combine multiple fruit acids in one formula for enhanced efficacy on the skin. You can put them in your private label masks and serums, and even manual exfoliating scrubs to increase your product s multidimensionality and uniqueness. Plus, manual exfoliation often times does not fully remove all of the dead skin, so adding in some papaya enzymes, for example, helps to take care of that problem.

Exfoliation is one of the keys to having young, fresh and juicy looking skin. And while there are multiple kinds of exfoliation methods, we d have to say that exfoliation by fruit enzymes is perhaps the most gentle method you could use. Private label masks, scrubs, and even exfoliating/resurfacing serums would do well to have at least one of these enzymes on their ingredient decks. Your face, and your customers, will thank you for it.

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