Illuminate Your Senses with Luminescent

luminescent sandalwoodAt RainShadow Labs, we love essential oils. They re the gems of the private label skincare world, and for very good reason. They heal the skin, harmonize the heart and clear a clogged perspective. We use them heartily in our private label skincare creations, in our homes and even in our office! And while the skincare element of essential oils can be so exciting, let us not forget what a simple whiff of an essential oil based perfume can do for your emotional and psychic wellbeing. In the spirit of those fantastic aroma therapeutic properties, we ve created a new essential oil blend to be enjoyed by you, your loved ones and even your customers. Introducing: Luminescent.

Luminescent is a three-part blend of Sandalwood, Lemon and Jasmine essential oils. Aromatically speaking, the woody sandalwood, bright citrus and heady, musky Jasmine compliment and play off each other for a wonderfully vibrant and seductive scent that you can happily wear and enjoy all day long. Our inspiration for this private label blend is the light itself- as comforting as it is bright, and as empowering as it can be soothing.

Sandalwood essential oil is often used in meditation and other ceremonies because of the illuminating properties it possesses. It is also a natural aphrodisiac and actually contains a botanical version of a hormone known as androsterone that our bodies produce on their own. The smell of Sandalwood naturally combines with the aroma of your own body to create a pleasant and biologically compatible perfume.

Lemon essential oil is known for its uplifting and focus promoting properties. It s the perfect oil to use if you need to study or focus on something for long periods of time. It also seems to help with the reduction of mistakes during these kinds of activities, while simultaneously helping to dissolve tension and depression and instead replacing them with a lightness of heart and mind.

Jasmine essential oil is also considered a natural aphrodisiac and has a seriously seductive musky aroma that is suitable for both men and women. Jasmine stimulates the brain to release a neurotransmitter that promotes a state of serenity and well being, making Jasmine the perfect essential oil for promoting calm and light hearted enjoyment.

Illuminate your body and mind with Luminescent. Stimulate your senses, keep your cool in times of stress, and maintain focus on the task at hand. Let this botanical essence of light permeate your mind, body and day.

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