One Private Label Product to Rule Them All

It can get confusing when it comes to all the different kinds of private label skincare products available out there. Creams, lotions, washes and scrubs- which one is the best? While there are certainly many different factors that contribute to which type of product ends up working the best for your skin, there are certain qualities that can determine one product s over all superiority from another. And while we would never discourage you from trying a wide range of products to determine which ones you like best, we will say that if you had to choose just one, it would have to be a serum.

Why serums? Because they have the smallest molecules of all other private label skincare products. This small molecular structure translates into the highest level of product penetration into the skin, which then translates into better and faster private label skincare results. Now, you might be wondering about the point of a serum- after all, it s not the same as a moisturizer or cleanser. So how do you go about finding a good serum to use if what you think you need is more moisture or a more effectively cleansed face?

In short, the point of a serum is to deliver the highest concentration of skincare ingredients into the skin for optimal results. In the case of washing your face, if you are simply looking for a cleaner feeling, you might actually not need a cleanser- just a better exfoliation routine. Often times it s actually the dead skin built up on the surface of the face that results in a feeling of needing the skin to be cleaner. Additionally, by keeping your skin properly exfoliated you allow the serum to better soak into your skin instead of sitting on top of the dead skin cell layer.

In the case of a moisturizer, depending on the serum that you choose, your skin can actually receive and hold onto more moisture than if you were just using a moisturizer on its own. This is due to the small molecular size of the product and the presence of plant lipids such as Jojoba oil, as well as the addition of other hydrating private label skincare ingredients like botanical Hyaluronic Acid.

As you can see, you can actually reach your skincare goals faster with a serum rather than another type of private label product. This doesn t mean you should avoid using any of the skincare products you ve come to love. It just means that if you ever do need to choose just one, or even to up your game a bit, you now know that choosing a serum is the way to go.
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