Post Sun Nutrient Serum For Face and Body

Everybody loves the sunshine. Unfortunately, improper sun exposure and a lack of care can accelerate the aging process in the skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. For the sunshine loving men and women who also want their skin to stay young and healthy, a post sun exposure healing and strengthening serum is necessary in order to preserve and encourage the ultimate in skin integrity. And we have formulated just such a serum.

With a four-part post sun nourishment synergy, this serum is as comprehensive as it gets. We begin with the highest quality and percentage of vitamin C, a clinically proven superhero in the realm of skin restoration and anti aging, especially after exposure to the sun and elements. Vitamin C encourages and protects collagen production, ruthlessly scavenges free radicals, and works to lighten and prevent dark sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Following suit is organic sulfur, an absolute must-have for skin elasticity, smoothness and all around youth. An important component in the creation of collagen, organic sulfur also helps to drive other ingredients further into the skin, increasing the overall efficacy of the product for after sun nutrition that is virtually unrivaled in its full spectrum healing abilities.

Seaweed proteins act as easily used collagen-building precursors that take down the workload and stress from your skin so it can more easily and effectively create collagen for a smooth, plump and young complexion. While poor skincare and excess sun exposure damages collagen, these seaweed proteins work alongside the vitamin C and sulfur to keep collagen levels high and your skin ever juicy.

Raw and cold pressed plant lipids round out this four membered group for skin that stays lubricated and cells that stay happy. Dermal dehydration is easily combated and prevented with the most healing and nourishing of non-comedogenic plant oils that also deliver their own suite of anti aging and regenerative anti oxidants.

All of these ingredients work together to enhance the overall effectiveness of each ingredient for a truly protective, nutritive and anti aging private label skincare formula. With a serum such as this, private label skincare has just been elevated to a whole new level of practically perfect. Heal your skin. Prevent damage while still living your life the way you want to. You don t have to hide from the life-giving rays of the sun- you only need a bottle of this by your side.
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