Should I Use A Clay or Gel Based Mask?

If you have your own private label skincare line then you ve probably at least thought about adding a mask to your lineup. And if you are a private label skincare user, then you have probably done at least one facemask before in your life. And the question for each case always remains: should I use a clay or gel based mask? Both have their own unique properties, benefits and special things to consider when deciding which one to use on your own face, and in your own line.

If you have sensitive skin, or want your line to be appropriate for those who do have sensitive skin, then typically a soothing Aloe Vera based facemask is the way to go. This is because clay based masks can sometimes be a little bit harsh for those with sensitive skin because as the clay dries, it tightens on the skin, which can lead to irritation. Additionally, if you have dry skin, an Aloe gel based mask would typically be more appropriate because while the Aloe delivers things like vitamin E and youthening polysaccharides into the skin, clays can have a tendency to absorb oil into themselves, making an already dry complexion worse.

If you have oily or more resilient skin, a mask that contains clay may be a great option for you. Different clays have different levels of absorbent activity, and some are more gentle on the skin than others. The most gentle and perhaps universally appropriate kind of clay is Kaolin clay because it does not absorb any oil out of the skin the way others do. It is very versatile as well, with a fine grain and smooth texture that makes it easy to put on. Additionally, clay helps to re-mineralize the skin, which is a crucial component in maintaining healthy skin function.

You can also experiment and do a mix of Aloe Vera and the more gentle Kaolin clay to combine the best of both worlds for a private label skincare mask that is applicable for a wider range of people, as it both soothes, mineralizes and tones the skin. If you have your own private label skincare line, it also doesn t hurt to have a gel based and a clay based mask so that your customers can pick and choose what works best for them. Both masks have their benefits, and it s up to you to have fun and experiment while finding what works best for your skin.
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