The Best Anti Aging Vitamins For Your Private Label

Your skin loves vitamins. It soaks them up and puts them to use instantly, wasting no time when it comes to activating as much healing intelligence inside itself as possible. There are many natural ingredients that already contain anti aging vitamins, such as carrier oils, essential oils and various herbal extracts. Some of the most popular and well-known vitamins for private label skincare are vitamins A, C and E. Here s why:

Vitamin A is an incredible antioxidant and collagen-promoting substance that also has extensive clinical research behind it. It is found in a myriad of plants and is also used in prescription face creams because of how effective it is in treating dark pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles. It speeds up cell turnover, which in turn creates skin that is soft and new with a clear and even complexion. There are many ways to get vitamin A into your private label skincare, and our favorite is called Crithmum Maritum, or Sea Fennel extract. It has all of the amazing benefits of normal vitamin A, but without the potential sensitizing and irritating side effects.

Vitamin C does wonders in the realm of fighting photo aging and is a vitamin that the skin responds to very quickly. For those with sun damage, dark spots, wrinkles, and texture issues, vitamin C is a must-have. It helps to eliminate free radicals that cause wrinkles and cellular oxidation, effectively protecting and preserving your skin s overall integrity. Here at RainShadow Labs we prefer to use a form of vitamin C known as Stay-C 50, which has a much higher rate of absorption, utilization, and efficacy than the typical and more popularly used forms of vitamin C today.

Vitamin E brings our skin soothing, lubricating, and anti-oxidizing relief in a gentle and easy-to-absorb package. Wrinkles become softened, your complexion more even, and skin that is easily irritated gets a much-needed break. In fact, vitamin E is a perfect moisturizing alternative for those with very sensitive skin. It s also wonderful for stretch marks and dry, crackly skin in general. Added to your private label serums, moisturizers, and masks, vitamin E is the perfect all-around soothing and youth-promoting skincare vitamin.

As you go about your private label skincare business, make sure to include at least one, if not all three, of these vitamins. Beneficial for all skin types when used in the right forms and concentrations, these anti aging vitamins can elevate any private label skincare formula, and skin type, to the level it needs to be.

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