Three Back Bar Essentials For Your Spa

When a customer comes into a spa, they are looking to relax. They want to unwind, get cared for and feel beautiful. They want to scrub, massage and steam away the week they've had and walk out feeling renewed, fed, relaxed and taken care of. As an esthetician, spa owner or massage therapist, in order to make sure you meet these desires you have to have the best back bar products ready to go. It's not enough to give a great massage if you're using sticky lotion or rancid oils. It's not enough to give a good facial if the products are greasy, smell strange or don't help your client's skin. And it's not enough to know how to facilitate a great body treatment if the scrub is too abrasive or the essential oils are too strong. Here are three basic yet essential back bar products to ensure your spa treatments fit the bill, every single time.

For the very best massage, you need our Grapeseed Massage Oil. High in anti aging and protective antioxidants, a neutral smell that makes blending with essential ingredients to have on hand for massage. It won't leave your client's skin feeling sticky or greasy. Instead, it'll leave them with a gentle glow and soft, smooth feel. It's also perfect for the treatments that involve scalp massages because the Grapeseed oil will nourish the hair and scalp as well.

For the perfect facial or body mask, there's our Seaweed Elixir Mask. Natural seaweeds, mineralizing clays, skin strengthening MSM, moisturizing plant lipids, and anti aging botanical extracts make this mask as reparative as it is relaxing. It's as ideal for facial use as it is for body or even just foot use if you're giving pedicures.

For body scrubs, foot scrubs and hand treatments, you really cannot beat our raw, wild crafted Shea butter sugar scrub. Enhanced with Pumpkin seed and Apricot kernal oils, the luscious texture of the raw Shea butter is blended perfectly with organic sugar for gentle yet thorough body polishing and exfoliation. The sugar gently dissolves while the Shea butter and other plant oils sink in and moisturize the skin. It's a tried and true Rainshadow Labs favorite.

Don't settle for mediocre treatment options at your spa. Give your clients the very best. Not only will they come away completely satisfied, you'll also build a stellar reputation and consistent client base-because that's what having and being the best does.
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