A Simple Morning Skincare Routine

The daily practice of a morning routine can help provide structure and set the tone correctly for the day. Use this time to carve out space for habits and rituals that spark joy and benefit your wellbeing. Speaking of wellbeing, this is a great time to perform a skincare regime that will leave your skin glowing and ready to take on the day!

Step One: Oil Cleanse

First things first, it's time for a deep double cleanse. Apply a few drops of our private label Deep Cleansing Oil to the palms, then apply to the face and massage in circular motions. Remove with a warm towel.

Step Two: Second Cleanse

Your second step should include a water-based cleanser. Rainshadow Lab's resident esthetician explains, "your second cleanser should act as a treatment cleanser." For example, if you are experiencing some breakout's use a cleanser that contains plant-powered ingredients such as willow bark and MSM like our plant-powered Acne/Sensitive Face Wash.

Step Three: Toner

A toner is the first barrier product and works to balance the skin's pH levels and hydrate the skin. It also acts as a sponge for your face, helping other products penetrate deeper into the skin. Steer away from astringent toners that strip the skin of its natural oils. Opt for a hydrating formulation with ingredients like aloe! Spritz a few pumps of our private label All in One Toner.

Step Four: Treat and Moisturize

It's time to treat and prevent further skin damage with serums, moisturizers, and facial oils. Everyone should be using a moisturizer (yes, even oily skin types.) A moisturizer not only infuses your skin with hydration but keeps the skin's barrier function happy - this is essential for proper skin! Since this is a simple regime, we are going to use just one hydrating product; our private label Peptide Complex Moisturizer. This product works as both a serum and moisturizer due to its high potency of plant-based actives. Apply a dime size to palms, then gently pat onto the face, neck, and decollete.

Keeping in mind that all skin types vary and will need different products, remember to apply your products in the right order; double cleanse, tone, serums, moisturizer, and facial oils for optimal results. Now it's time to take on your day with a glowy complexion and protection from constant environmental stressors.

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