Acids on Your Eyes?

When you think of things to put on your eyes, you probably don t think of acid. In fact, any kind of acid is probably the last thing you would ever think to put on your eyes! And yet here we are, about to tell you to put acid on your eyes. Yep, that s right, there are actually certain kinds of acids that make fantastic private label skincare ingredients, and they go wonderfully in private label eye creams. And don t worry, they don t burn like you might think. These acids are gentle and specifically for the skin.

So what exactly are these gentle eye acids, you might ask? Glycolic, Koljic and Hyaluronic acids, to be exact! Maybe you ve heard of them? These three private label skincare ingredients are by no means obscure ingredients in the beauty world and you can find them in spas and salons, upon recommendation from estheticians and dermatologists and of course, right here at RSL. We use them in a variety of products, but the one we want to cover today is our Multi Acid Eye Conditioning Treatment.

Featuring organic ingredients and these three splendid private label skincare acids, we love it for eye skin that soft, glowing and effortlessly even. A base of organic Aloe and our proprietary herbal infusion are blended with our star ingredients alongside superhero antioxidant vitamin C and luscious Grapeseed and Avocado oils for an eye repair treatment that hits all the right notes. The silky smooth texture and light feel are perfect for year round use and you ll most likely find that a dab a day is all you need. We also chose to formulate this delectable eye treat the same way we would a serum, which means that this private label potion of goodness has a smaller molecular structure that makes it easier and more effective in its penetration into the skin. No more greasy eye cream that just sits on the surface of your skin all night! Our eye conditioning treatment actually does what it s supposed to do, and it does it well.

Kojic Acid derived from medicinal Reishi mushroom, Glycolic Acid from sugar cane and botanical Hyaluronic Acid that comes from the Cassia Angustifolia seed are changing the game when it comes to acid. Fear not! these guys are friendly and perfectly suited for the delicate skin around your eyes. You might find you like it so much you use it on your whole face!
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