Acne Scars: The Good, The Bad, The Truth (Part 3)

In parts one and two of our series on acne scars, we covered how to deal with hyperpigmentation and what to do if you have rolling, or ice pick type scars. In this third and final installment, we are going to talk about what to do for your rolling acne scars if you can t afford (or don t want) to go with more medical type treatments, specifically microneedling and sublative laser with PRF. Though it s important to state upfront that it s very hard to achieve serious change to deep pitted acne scars from simple skincare alone, there are still things you can do to improve the appearance and texture of your skin without more expensive and serious treatments.

No matter which type of private label skincare product you choose, you want to make sure it promotes tissue regeneration and collagen formation. These two things are absolutely key when trying to help with acne pits because what they need is lots and lots of collagen and new, healthy tissue. This means lots of vitamin C, plant based vitamin A in the form of crithmum maritimum extract, and highly potent botanicals like helichrysum, rose otto, frankincense and geranium. It also means ingredients like MSM become paramount because of the organic sulfur rich, tissue rebuilding purpose they play. Additionally, private label skincare ingredients like AHA s can be extremely helpful as they also help to stimulate cellular turnover and increase cellular hydration, which leads to a more full, plump look that helps diminish the appearance of pitted acne scars.

Consider using a comprehensive serum that includes the ingredients listed above. For example, you could use a vitamin C serum that also includes the essential oils listed, or simply add them yourself before applying. A little goes a long way, so a drop of one, or a blend of several, should be plenty for each application. Go slow and see how your skin reacts. Some people are more sensitive than others.

You could also incorporate a weekly AHA mask into your skincare routine to help those new cells come to the surface while the old get eaten away. While regular exfoliating products just take off the dead skin cells on the surface, AHA s promote the formation of collagen beneath the skin, which is extremely helpful for acne pits.

Though there s not one quick fix for pitted acne scars, high quality skincare with an emphasis on collagen production, tissue regeneration and cellular hydration can help the skin start to repair itself and look and feel more even, plump and smooth.

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