An Esthetician's Favorite Self Care Ritual: Face Masks

Our day-to-day has changed quite a bit during this past year, and some of us may be experiencing higher stress or a slower paced life. Whatever season you are currently in, showing up for yourself and making time for proper self-care is so important. "When we take the time to do little things that bring us joy, I truly believe it helps to make us overall happier humans. For me, that has been my skincare routine , says our resident esthetician. I've been enjoying giving myself an at-home facial with our private label skincare products.

There is something so rewarding about taking care of your skin. It's our body's largest organ, and it feels good to show it the proper care and love. With everyone being at home more, there's no better time than now to target those skin concerns. My skin lately has been appreciating clay masks. Clay masks are full of minerals and ingredients like clay that have a reputation for helping to make the skin feel pure and clean. After a clay mask, I feel like my pores appear smaller, and my skin looks so dewy.

I think sometimes clay masks get a reputation for being overly drying and harsh on the skin. I'd disagree with that. It all comes down to the science of the product formulation. Today I will be sharing my top three favorite private label skincare face masks that my skin has been loving and which one might benefit your skin type and concern best.

For an beautiful, clear, and luminous complexion: Saffron Yellow Clay Mask

The kaolin clay in this mask helps diminish the look of congested skin, while turmeric has been used in beautifying practices for years and is still a popular ingredient in skincare. This powerful ingredient has endless skin benefits, from a clear-looking complexion to brighter looking skin, tumeric is generally safe for all skin types. Carrot seed oil is high in Vitamin A and one of our favorite ingredients for a youthful looking complexion.

For a balanced and glowing complexion: Moroccan Pink Clay Mask

Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra Berry we used in this mask, every use helps the skin feel like it's better able to hold its moisture, which in turn helps the skin age beautifully by plumping and firming the skin. This kaolin mask uses a blend of oils rich in vitamin C and super-herbs for the skin. This mask is my favorite go-to face treatment when my skin tone looks uneven and dull - it's so transformative!

For an earthy, invigorating skin treatment rich in stimulating herbs: French Green Clay Mask

French green clay pairs with stimulating herbs to awaken and revive your complexion in this result-driven face mask. When my skin is looking tired and stressed, this is the product I have in mind. I like using face masks because it's as easy as cleansing the skin, applying your mask, and watching an episode of your favorite show!

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