Anoint Your Private Label

As we come into this beloved holiday season, our wholesale cosmetics and private label skincare products take a festive turn in their smells, packaging, and featured ingredients. Balms, scrubs, candles and perfumes become sweet, spicy and warming. And what better way to bring that festivity into your life or line than with a beautiful essential oil blend? As a gift, natural fragrance for private label skin care, or personal accouterment, our Anointed blend of frankincense, amber and cinnamon essential oils will have you feeling cozy and festive in no time.

Anointed not only smells wonderful, but is also great as a meditation or aromatherapy aid thanks to the presence of frankincense essential oil.  Frankincense has been used for centuries to enhance meditation and has long been considered a sacred essential oil. It relieves nervous tension and anxiety and adds a nice botanical backbone and slight woody element to this blend. If you re feeling stressed in the midst of all the holiday cooking and preparation, simply dab a bit on your temples for some much needed calm.

Amber essential oil is the embodiment of deep botanical warming with slight undertones of vetiver and vanilla. It goes perfectly with the festivity of this season and is an appropriate natural cologne for both men and women. It adds a deep, balanced, almost velvety botanical element to private label skin care and essential oil blends alike.

Cinnamon is sweet, spicy and powerful! You could think of it as one of the signature smells for this time of year and it certainly brings that festive and comforting element into our Anointed essential oil blend. Alone, it is sometimes used in private label blends to help fight bacteria and protect the immune system. In Anointed, this antibacterial element is appropriately combined with cinnamon s slightly spicy punch to create a balanced blend of bliss.

Essential oils are great additions to private label skin care because they are so much safer than synthetic fragrance and often smell better anyway! Their multidimensional properties also bring a unique multifaceted quality to private label formulas and our Anointed blend is no exception. Calming, soothing, comforting, and with a touch of antibacterial activity, Anointed is the perfect holiday addition to your line. So upgrade your formulas and get festive! Simply package as is for a beautiful seasonal natural perfume, or add to your private label soaps, lotions, scrubs and candles.

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