Anti-Aging Essential Oils

As skin ages, it loses its elasticity and firmness and gives way to fine lines and wrinkles. Overexposure to the sun and other environmental factors add to the problem, resulting in age spots and uneven skin tone. These signs of aging are the reason why anti-aging serums are so popular among those looking to refresh their skin. Many anti-aging creams are made from chemicals that can damage the skin, but there is a natural way to combat aging skin using essential oils.

Essential oils are very potent and most of them need to be diluted into a carrier oils before you apply them to your skin, especially to your face. Choose one or more of the following essential oils to add to make your own anti-aging remedy.

  • Argan Oil: helps heal scars as well as having anti-aging properties.
  • Frankincense: promotes cell growth.
  • Myrrh: removes toxins, encourages tissue repair and hydrates.
  • Carrot Seed Oil: increases circulation and elasticity.
  • Patchouli: decreases redness and inflammation, promotes cell growth.
  • Neroli: increases elasticity and helps repair broken capillaries.
  • Rose Oil: hydrates and increases elasticity.

There are some carrier oils that also have anti-aging properties. Rosehip seed oil contains retinoic acid and vitamin A, which are responsible for regenerating skin. Sea buckthorn oil is a powerful antioxidant that is rich in vitamins E and C as well as beta-carotene. Pomegranate seed oil is also rich in antioxidants that can fight the free radicals that cause aging. By combining the essential oils above with these carrier oils, you can reap the benefits of even more anti-aging nutrients.

A few drops of the right essential oils added to an anti-aging carrier can help improve the condition of your skin. Jojoba, apricot and almond oils are all carrier oils that are great to use on the face. They are less expensive than others and can be used as a base for your personal mixture.

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