Antioxidant Power For Your Private Label With Lemon Verbena

Private label skin care with a focus on anti aging must incorporate the power and plant-driven intelligence of antioxidants. Nothing is more simple and truly effective for fighting aging and its minions than the pro-aging neutralization power of effectively delivered antioxidants. You can choose to use isolated antioxidants such as vitamin C or E, a high quality carrier oil such as rosehip seed, or an essential oil such as Lemon Verbena.

Lemon Verbena is a plant that can be used both internally as a tea, and externally as an essential oil. The aroma is light, citrusy and sweet without being overpoweringly strong. In aromatherapy it is often used to decrease stress, reduce depression, and bring the mind and heart back into a state of balance. For private label skin care with an aroma therapeutic twist, Lemon Verbena brings a sweet lemon-bliss to boost and improve upon all of your private label formulations.

One of the best ways to improve the condition of skin that is struggling and sagging is to reduce and eliminate inflammation. This is important because inflammation causes the cellular breakdown of our skin, which in turn leaves it compromised and in prime condition to start prematurely aging. Antioxidants work to halt this inflammatory process by neutralizing the damaging positive ionic charge of rogue free radicals that leave wrinkle causing and collagen damaging inflammation in their wake.

Private label skincare that strategically targets inflammation by incorporating free radical fighting Lemon Verbena essential oil delivers a botanical breath of skin protecting fresh air. Because this potent essential oil is also a pro at repairing damaged tissue, private label skin care formulas, especially serums and intensive repair creams, will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this wondrous essential oil. This means that if you struggle with scars, sun damage, puffiness and skin that inadequately heals itself, Lemon Verbena is just the thing to fulfill your skincare needs.

Bring the power of antioxidants into your private label with Lemon Verbena and rejoice in your optimized ingredient decks. It can be used in basically every type of product imaginable, from hand creams and post-sun serums to masks and healing cleansers. And by choosing to source your antioxidants from an essential oil such as Lemon Verbena, your products receive an added bonus of citrus-sweet freshness along with mood uplifting and heart opening aromatherapy.  

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