Are You Using Outdated Skincare Ingredients?

Every day the world of natural and organic skincare gets better. Every day more and more people are discovering how effective, easy and affordable natural ingredients are for their skin. Sometimes there s a fad that sticks, and sometimes the hype blows over. There are ingredients and combinations that will forever be classics in the realm of personal care, and then there are ingredients that have been either disproven or have been improved upon. It is this category of ingredients that it s good to be aware of, not out of fear, but so that you can get the very most out of your private label skincare choices.

One of the most outdated skincare ingredients/categories would have to be harsh detergents. Once thought to effectively cleanse the face, we now know that too much cleansing can strip the skin and render it more easily prone to infection and skin issues. Instead of using cleansers that strip the skin, use a cleanser with a more gentle form of soap such as that derived from coco protein. It can still wash off all the dirt and even makeup that you want it to without stripping your skin and disrupting its natural pH.

Another outdated skincare ingredient and practice is to use alcohol in private label toner formulas. This is another example of an ingredient that does more harm than good for the skin and for the same reason as harsh detergents: it strips the skin of its natural defense. Instead of using a toner with alcohol, use one with a botanical hydrosol as the base. It can contain one or multiple plant water essences that gently tone, tighten and soothe the skin instead of strip it dry and bare. Additionally, it turns your toner into a product that feels so nice and cooling during the summer months because it still delivers nutrition and even hydration to your skin without weighing it down.

There are many more skincare practices and ingredients that are outdated and that have easy and effective replacements. However, these are two that a lot of people still use. With a little bit of education and proper replacements, it can be not only easy to choose better private label skincare, it can also be exciting because you know the results you ll get will be better than with your previous ingredients. Sometimes the old way is still the best way, and other times old means outdated. In the instance of harsh detergents and alcohol filled toners, old definitely means outdated.
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